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SITA Isle of Man's energy-from-waste facility

The Richmond Hill energy-from-waste facility was designed with the capacity to handle the current levels of waste generated by the island’s homes and businesses, guaranteeing the community’s self-sufficiency in the medium term.

Completed in 2004, the entire facility — plant, equipment, management and control systems — are designed for maximum efficiency as well as safety.

The facility has two incinerators. The primary incinerator uses a water-cooled grate allowing old tyres to be incinerated with the municipal waste stream. This line also includes a bulky waste shredder so that larger items of furniture can be incinerated. The secondary incinerator was designed to process up to 5,000 tonnes of clinical, animal and oil waste.

Energy from the process is harnessed to produce renewable electricity for the island – providing 10 per cent of the island's electricity needs.

To save water the facility captures rainwater that falls on the site for use within the process and it recycles all the water used on the plant. This innovative approach reduces the demand for mains water by 40 per cent and negates the need for a water discharge from the facility.

Here you can view emissions information for the facility, see how much electricity is being generated and find out more about how the energy-from-waste process works.

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