Emission limit values for the emissions to air from the energy-from-waste process.

Emissions to air from the energy-from-waste process are regulated by a Waste Disposal Licence from the department of Local Government and the Environment. Emission limit values are stipulated for a range of parameters which are listed in the permit and are in accordance with limits set by Waste Incineration Directive 2000/76/EC. The environmental impact of releases has been assessed and indicates that they will have no significant adverse effects on human health or ecology. This has been confirmed by the World Health Organisation.

Many of the listed parameters are continuously monitored by sophisticated monitoring equipment which allows real time values to be displayed and recorded in the process computer system. All of these parameters and a few others that cannot be continuously recorded are independently monitored on a routine basis established by the licence. All results are reported to the Department of Local Government and the Environment.

Any exceedance is reported to the Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) within 24 hours. SUEZ Isle of Man then fully investigates the reasons for the exceedance, and where appropriate implements corrective actions. The results of these investigations are then reported to the EPU before the event is closed.

Annual environmental notification reports for the Island's energy-from-waste facility can be viewed here:

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